Is This New Business Name Offensive?


Councilman Dan Allers believes it is and he’s asked Town Attorney John Herin to see if anything can be done about it. The new t-shirt and gift shop recently opened at Old San Carlos Boulevard. They also have a location on Madeira Beach.

Allers said there’s some concern over the name. “I don’t know if we have anything in place where there’s anything we can do. We want this to be a family friendly island and I’m concerned with that name specifically. I don’t know that it’s family friendly.”

Vice Mayor Rexann Hosofross said one of the problems we have is we already have a business called S.O.B. (which stands for Smokin’ Oyster Brewery by the way). She said it would be hard to enforce something on one business after already allowing it with somebody else.

Town attorney John Herin said we certainly can take a look. “Sign regulations have limitations on the kind of wording that can be used for commercial enterprises. We’ll look into that but there are also 1st amendment implications whenever you get into sign regulations.”



  1. Have you been to the Lorelei in Islamorada? When the band Big Dick and the Extenders played the Lorelei on Sunday afternoons they changed their name to Big Richard and the Extenders

  2. I’m sure by now everyone knows there one street of people in this town that complain. It’s the street where bugs crawl up asses. Are you offended by that!!!

  3. Guess if you are a stuck up prude you Amy be offended. Get over it. I’m offended that you are offended. So can you leave the island please.

  4. Guess if you are a stuck up prude you Amy be offended. Get over it. I’m offended that you are offended. So can you leave the island please.

  5. Guess if you are a stuck up prude you Amy be offended. Get over it. I’m offended that you are offended. So can you leave the island please.

  6. So to dispell the comments of big Franchises not allowed on beach due to corruption at town hall.
    This is ludicrous…
    Chains and franchise companies have been part of the island for over 60 years
    Dairy Queen dates back to the 60s.
    There are several national hotel chains that have come and gone and a few still remain.
    Best Western and Wyndham…
    We have had holiday inn.howard johnson,day inn Ramada inn
    Restaurant chains include Hooters ,DQ,KFC ( where big dicks is located) pizza hut (yucatan )McDonald’s (where huge franchise Margaritaville is going)
    Kilwins and Pinchers too.
    Then these the Walgreens Eckards pharmacy
    Along with 5— 7/11s on the island
    There are only 5 7/11s from john Morris rd to 41 surrounding area..

    Big companies and franchises struggled for years in our volitile seasonal business environment.
    Big corporate demands constant flowing cash numbers.

    So stop with the griping of our town stopping franchises

  7. What if you opened a place and wanted to call it Big Ed’s? The founders name of this company was Dick. I understand the play on words but Government has no business choosing the name of a private company. Hooters poses more of a threat to the wholesomeness of FMB than the name of a shirt shop.

    Let’s solve more important issues like the Amber glare bombs which are now distracting turtles at the new intersection on Old Dan Carlos which is backing up traffic everywhere 🙂

  8. It’s a benign issue, there’s no problem there, let’s not make a big deal out of nothing. People need to calm down and stop being offended about everything they see or hear. We have much bigger, more serious issues to be concerned about in the world today, Big Dick’s t-shirt shop is a non issue.

  9. Sorry….can’t help it. When people want to know how to get to the Bayfront park… The directions will be, “Easy! Just go past “Big Dicks”…down past “Skinny’s” and “SOB’s”…It’s right between “Nervous Nellies” and “Snug Harbor.” I love this island…..

  10. They need to leave the store alone. It’s fine. I can’t tell you how many people giggled at it, and took photos with the sign just this past Saturday that I noticed while I was at Yucatan.
    These beach Karen’s need to all move to a remote sandbar and wait for high tide, enough already Karen’s.

    They say they want to be family friendly, then how about fixing the broken turtle & pirate cutouts that kids frequently take pictures in. There’s an idea.


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