Your First NEW Candidates Forum is Tonight


There are 6 official Fort Myers Beach Town Council meetings (not including budget sessions and M&P meetings) left before election day. At least one, maybe two, new council members will be elected. Are you doing your homework on them?

Tonight from 5PM to 8PM upstairs at Mangorita’s will be your opportunity to meet the three new candidates running for Fort Myers Beach Town Council.

5PM to 6PM will be a meet-and-greet, which will be followed by a candidate forum broadcast live on Beach Talk Radio at 6PM.

Seating is limited at the event so to reserve your spot HERE or e-mail

The three new candidates attending our forum are:
John King
Patrick Romcoe
Karen Woodson



    • How do you know these are great candidates?
      What do you know of them, their backgrounds, their experience with leadership and government, their competence? Are they experienced with running a government, do they understand the vast difference between running a private business and running a public government, understand and agree with Florida’s required complete transparency in its Sunshine Law and Public Records Act?
      Or do they claim you can run government like a private business?
      How do they really feel about the island’s most immediate issues, what are their positions and solutions, clearly and specifically, and do they fit what islanders want?
      Seems to me there’s a lot left to know about these folks asking for your money, your vote and your trust

  1. Just another example of the current leadership and lack of any professional conduct. This type conduct by a mayor is unacceptable. If I acted this way at work I would be asked to tone it down or step away from my position. Why should this be daily routine of town elected officials that we should just deal with it.

    • Lee, I am speaking for myself when I say I committed to the well-being of this island 6 years ago when we decided to retire on FMB. Since that time, I have gained knowledge and experience while serving on the LPA, BORCAB, Friends of Lovers Key, Friends of the Arts and FMB Chamber Ambassador. I have loved every minute of my servant leadership but it has also opened my eyes to issues that need to be addressed and possibly changed. I hope you have a chance to attend or at least watch the broadcast tonight to understand the candidate base. In addition, I am happy to meet and answer any questions our voting residents may have. Karen Woodson

  2. I think we should all keep one thing in mind when it comes to considering Murphy for our mayor: the Mayor in Jaws 2 is the same guy who was Mayor in the original Jaws! And how did that work out? Just sayin’ . . .

  3. Debby,

    Well said. Informed voters are good voters. Murphy wants you to bow to his mere presence. He doesn’t want you to vote for the best fit for the town. He just thinks you should vote him in because he’s already there. Voters will decide if they’ve had enough of his shenanigans. Let your voice be heard on Election Day.

  4. Low-life operation?! He should realize that it would be the town residents there listening and asking questions so they can make the best choice in November, he doesn’t have to like the folks putting the event on.
    I’m assuming you will be broadcasting it live.


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