Lawyer Wants Competency Hearing For Alleged Librarian Killer


New court documents filed this week show that Attorney Michael Mummert has asked Lee Circuit Judge Margaret Steinbeck to appoint an expert to determine the competency of Adam Soules. Soules is charged with the 2019 stabbing death of Fort Myers Beach Librarian Leroy Hommerding.

The documents state that Mummert has observed Soules “experiencing psychotic symptoms such as disorganized thoughts, possible auditory and visual hallucinations, and grandiose delusions of persecution.”

The documents also points out that on May 10, 2022, Dr. Michael Collins completed a sanity evaluation on Soules and during that evaluation “had cause to question the competency” of Soules.

Mummert says there are concerns that Soules “lacks the capacity to appreciate the charges or allegations against him, appreciate the range and nature of possible penalties, if applicable, that may be imposed in the proceedings against him, or understand the adversarial nature of the legal process.”

Mummert is also concerned about how Soules would behave in court and whether he could testify relevantly.

The next court date set for Soules is August 16th.


  1. Seems as though maybe this attorney needs a competency study. In the end my friend you will have to answer for all the wrong you’ve done in protecting these killers and criminals. You won’t have to worry about a jury bringing down judgement.

  2. I agree with Jan’s comments, don’t give this Criminal anymore recognition for this horrible crime. He doesn’t deserve his “2 minutes of fame” that these animals crave. As far as I’m concerned, don’t even post his name anymore, just refer to him as the “Defendant” who committed this senseless crime of murder and delete his name & likeness in all future print. Don’t encourage this type of negative notoriety for those other like minded predators who might want to “copycat” this unthinkable type of crime !

  3. 4 years later the attorneys are thinking he needs a competency hearing. How long can they drag the case out. Get it done. No wonder our courts are over flowing.

  4. Please remove Adam’s picture from any articles. It’s very upsetting to those of us who were close to Dr. H. He doesn’t deserve to have his photo displayed.

  5. Let me see playing the insanity card. Yes he’s insane. Normal damn people don’t kill other people for no reason. Looking for sympathy. Look elsewhere. This man should be rotting underground right now.


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