Keith Wilkins Was Our Guest Saturday


Outgoing interim Town Manager Keith Wilkins joined Beach Talk Radio for the full hour this past Saturday at Wahoo Willie’s. Wilkins will be leaving his position May 15th now that the town has hired Andrew Hyatt as the new Fort Myers Beach Town Manager. Watch the interview on FACEBOOK or YOUTUBE.

Wilkins, and his partner Chris Holly of H2Solutions were on a 6-month contract following the resignation of Roger Hernstadt after the election of John King and Karen Woodson last November.

Wilkins and Holly will be credited with putting Fort Myers Beach on the path to rebuild, and keeping the financial house of the beach in order, following Hurricane Ian. They brought previous Hurricane devastation experience to a battered community and used their decades of experience working with the Florida Legislature to help Fort Myers Beach garner much needed funds to stay afloat.

Wilkins and Holly hired a Finance Director for the town which Hernstadt was reluctant to do for year, opting to keep total control to himself. They also replaced many beach employees that were only loyal to the previous manager.

They also completely changed the way the local beach government communicates with residents. The previous Town Manager (and Mayor) were well known for their closed door policy with the community. Wilkins and Holly were completely the opposite of that regime.



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