Town To Get $90,000 For Those Dead Fish


Remember that episode of Red Tide that killed thousands of fish all along the 7 miles of Fort Myers Beach last month? The town is about to be reimbursed $90,000 for cleaning up the fish.

On Monday the Fort Myers Beach Town Council will enter into an interlocal agreement with Lee County which will allow the County to send $90,000 to the Town for the expense the town incurred cleaning up the fish killed by Red Tide. Day after day for several weeks the town staff worked to clear the beach of the dead fish, storing the rotting marine life in dumpsters behind town hall until they could be hauled off to a landfill.

The money was sent to Lee County through a Department of Environmental Protection grant for the purpose of assisting with the cleanup of fish and marine life that wash up on Lee County beaches.


  1. As of today, April 17th, 2023 they did not clean up the south end by the Wyndham. There are dead fish buried under the sand. It smells terrible. There are flies everywhere. Can they please clean up the beach????

  2. It’s unfortunate the south end of the Island always seems to be forgotten. This end of the Island still needs a lot of attention regarding beach raking and grading. I do know that it will take time to get back some of what we had but let’s no forget the south end..

  3. Jen D is absolutely right. No one has cleaned up that part of the beach. The dead fish are now rotting under the sand where residents love to sit and have to deal with the terrible smell and flies!

  4. The town must have forgot about the south end of FMB?! There are still tons of dried up rotted dead fish down along the shoreline in front of the old Wyndham and it smells. Residents are trying to be patient but they have been there rotting for months now. Can the town now finish the job please?


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