Keys to Santini Plaza Owners By….


Everyone on the south end of Fort Myers Beach is anxiously awaiting something, anything, to open in Santini Plaza. Those that live and vacation on the south end not only miss their favorite retail location at Santini, they despise getting stuck in the traffic to the north end.

Vice Mayor Jim Atterholt who basically been stuck at the hip of the owner of Santini Plaza, trying to help him get what he needs to get open, tells us some of the tenants may finally get keys to get inside their units in about a month.

As of this week, according to Atterholt, the Santini owners are still putting in the firewalls and getting the basic electrical work which requires regular inspections.

Atterholt says the new Fort Myers Beach Building Inspector is personally doing the inspections in order to help keep things moving forward. “During this time, negotiations are on going between the real east broker hired by the owner and the existing tenants as well as potential new tenants. All existing tenants will be given priority.”

Atterholt says that the target date for tenants to receive keys to their units is now March. At that point the business owner would have to build out their units from the inside so any target date for a business opening is still only a guess.


  1. Southend is forgotten. It’s that simple.
    No sense of urgency or variances given to vendors down here. The same rules did not apply.
    No Whale variances here.
    And now the traffic. Just a case of terrible mismanagement. The residents continue to suffer.
    It’s a shame.

  2. I am sure if someone like Oliver’s or the Sand Bar would install a tent similar to what the Whale has done it would be swapped. There are plenty of folks down here on the south end begging for a place to go.

  3. With the Condos being 90% vacant on south end – not sure any business could turn a profit in 2024 at Santini-
    Food trucks aren’t there because there are no people to support the business – much better off to have a comprehensive plan for Santini plaza businesses to open next fall when they might be able to survive –
    Outside of CVS , the next push should be for the 7/11 Gas station across street – they would do fine and add value to residents, guests and contractors –
    We should have a more common sense focused approach on getting businesses on line –
    Many couldn’t survive in current envirement – just the facts

    • There are a lot of residents and visitors in the south end. I believe several restaurants and shops would and could have visitors from the south end if they were open. Also a lot of visitors to Lovers Key, and a lot of workers. I agree a gas station would be nice. Plenty of room for food trucks and even a farmers market in south part of island.

    • Your “Facts” stink. All condos on Bay Beach La open and packed, almost 1300 residences. Any business that could help prevent the 1.5 hour trek in traffic to the North end would do very well.

  4. If someone would reach out to Christy from Local Ladies Network, she could put a market together for the existing tenants and bring many new crafters to this shopping center for them to be open for season and something for locals to do as well.
    Christy and her staff are very professional and knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with!

  5. This is so sad. Those tenants are totally missing peak season this year when they shouldn’t have had to. First, what happened in this process that caused this delay and what’s been done to ensure it won’t happen in the future? Second, why aren’t any of these tenants doing food trucks or kiosks in the parking lot to take advantage of peak season? This resident is anxiously awaiting for the re-opening of Santini!


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