When Will We See a New Times Square Rendering?


The Neighborhood Company has been hired to create a rendering design of the future Times Square on Fort Myers Beach. Times Square was demolished by Hurricane Ian on September 28, 2022 and the property owners in that area have been less than aggressive about rebuilding.

According to The Neighborhood Company Partner Patrick Vanasse progress is being made on a rendering for the community to look at but this is not as easy as working on a single building. “This is more complicated. It will take a little while since we’re dealing with multiple owners, multiple businesses and then have to tie in existing details that the public will want included such as the clock, tower, wavy wall, bandstand, etc.”

Vanasse says they are close to having the development footprint and boxes hammered out. “We will then start filling in the architectural skins and all the other design elements such as signage, lighting, seating, people etc.”

So we asked Vanasse when there might be pictures for people to look at…” If I had to guess, we’re looking at another month.”

Times Square will need to be built higher due to the new codes and FEMA regulations being that the area is so close to the Gulf of Mexico. The town owns the property that goes through the middle of Times Square, which used to be a road. Lee County owns Lynn Hall Park on one end of Times Square and Crescent Beach Park on the other. Lee County also owns the pier.

The property owners in Times Square, hardly best friends, will have to decide how to deal with things like elevators, among other things. Are they all going to come together to build “community” elevators and share in that cost or will every proposed business have their own elevator. Some property owners do not even care enough to clean up their destroyed structure over a year after Ian. Others are trying to sell their property.

For now, Old San Carlos has become the new entertainment district on Fort Myers Beach, and will most likely continue to be so for years to come. With the recent opening of Nervous Nellie’s, Wahoo Willie’s and Snug Harbor with their new outdoor Tiki bar, it’s the perfect location to enjoy a meal and watch a weekend concert at Bayside Park. There is plenty of parking and a perfect view of the bay.


  1. Thank GOD for Tom the owner and his wonderful TEAM at La Ola for keeping Time Square alive with Good food, cocktail’s, Live music and GREAT vibes everyday!! Jason & I are great friends with Tom & We are so proud of his hard work and dedication for keeping Times Square live!! To Tom & his entire TEAM, keep up the hard work💪❤️

  2. La Ola has been great with plenty of room to spread out if you bring your own chair. Be sure to patronize them if you are enjoying that music and unobstructed view!


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