Lee Tran Resumes Service to Beach in January


LeeTran will resume seasonal service to and along Fort Myers Beach, including the free open-air tram, beginning Jan. 3. Here are the routes…

· Service between Bowditch Point Park and Lovers Key (Route 410). Service on Fort Myers beach will run 5 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. daily.

· Service between Times Square, on Fort Myers Beach, and the Beach Park and Ride, 11101 Summerlin Square Drive (Route 490). The Beach Park & Ride provides free parking with more than 125 available spaces for people to take the trolley to the beach. Passengers can also connect to LeeTran’s routes to Southwest Florida International Airport (Route 50) or to Edison Mall (Route130) from the Beach Park & Ride.

Routes 410 and 490 will now become year-round, permanently replacing Route 400, which previously operated in the same area from May through December. Operating two routes allows LeeTran to better manage buses as they carry passengers to and along Fort Myers Beach. These route changes are the result of the 2020 LeeTran Comprehensive Operational Analysis and are expected to increase LeeTran’s ability to adapt to significant traffic delays, manage operating costs and provide flexibility for future passenger needs.

In addition to the routes, the Beach tram offers:
· Fare-free service, running from Bowditch Point Park to Matanzas Pass Preserve. The beach tram service will include three trams and is estimated to run every 15 minutes, depending on traffic. Tram service will run seven days a week starting at 8 a.m. at Bowditch Park with the last pickup at 11:30 p.m. at Matanzas Pass Preserve. The open-air, multi-car trams provide an easy, fun way to travel along the beach from hotels to restaurants, to shopping and other attractions.

For schedules or to learn more about LeeTran, go to www.RideLeeTran.com. LeeTran Customer Service can be reached at 239-533-8726 and press option 1, or email rideleetran@leegov.com.