Long-Time Times Square Owner Passes


Times Square property owner Brad Benson (pictured here with Mango Rita’s owners Jason and Jacinta) has died. Brad had been dealing with health issues in recent years and passed away this week. He was 71 years old.

For decades Brad has owned property on both sides of Times Square. On the beach side, he owns the t-shirt shop that included a small apartment upstairs and the area where there were several kiosks.

On the other side of the square he owns the Mango Rita’s property and the adjoining property where Anita had her store. Of course all of those structures are now gone and the future of Times Square is a big question mark.

A funeral will not be held. A celebration of life will be held on Fort Myers Beach in a few weeks. We will share those details once we have them. Brad’s wife had previously passed away. They have two kids, Bradford and Taylor.


  1. Brad was not only our land lord and mango Rita’s but he was our dear friend. The kids Bradford and Taylor had a colorful dad. He was always telling stories and was always good for a laugh. We heard many stories of his colorful past and could only shake your head at times. He still came to visit us at our new location at least monthly. Always asking if he rebuilt if we’d come back to Time Square. He knew if he built it we’d be there along with him for the new chapter. We will miss him and wish the kids the best in the future.


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