Front Yard Pickleball Court Approved


Cary and Laura Kledzik, owners of 6140 Court street, received approval from the LPA to build a pickleball court in their front yard as they rebuild there forever home. The Kledzik’s applied to the LPA for a variance to build the court and by a vote of 6-0 the LPA sent it onto the Town Council with their stamp of approval.

Cary Kledzik told LP members they plan to use the court to stay in shape. “This is not a rental property. It never will be. We want to make it a family home.” The court will be 25 by 45 (1,125 square feet).

By right the Kledzik’s could have put up a fence around the court and lights that were 12 feet high, according to town staff. Kledzik said there were no plans to play at night.

The Kledzik’s have a large front yard with a lot of room for landscaping. They cannot build the court in the backyard because of how close they are to the 1978 CCCL line. They needed a variance to build the court because the Land Development Code prohibits certain accessory structures from being placed between a house and the Right of Way.
The property owners plan to create an additional landscape buffer between the neighbors and the street.

The new home being built on the property is being built by Potter Homes.


  1. With all due respect it’s untrue to say “never” as who knows what the future may bring. Unless of course it’s codified on the title that it’ll never be a rental property and that it will never be used at night (and designate the hours that define “night”).


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