North End 7-11 Breezes Through LPA


The Neighborhood Company was back in front of the LPA Tuesday where it received easy approval for the third 7-11 store the company is working to rebuild. Construction will begin in about 9 months on the store across from Lynn Hall Park.

The store was destroyed by the storm and eventually demolished. The lot is empty and fenced off today.

The new store is 3,500 square feet, 1,600 square feet larger than the store on that lot before the storm. The Neighborhood Company was asking the LPA for several variances, including one for parking. The code requires the proposed store have 14 parking spaces. The application calls for 8 spaces and the addition of bike racks as well. All variances requested were approved.

On February 5th, the Town Council approved the proposed 7-11 building at 1301 Estero Boulevard (next to The Whale). Construction on the new convenience store should begin in the 4th quarter of this year and it will take 7 months to build. The Neighborhood Company is also working on the 7-11 at 3051 Estero Blvd (Voorhis Street).

The 7-11 on the South End across from Santini Plaza, was not worked on by The Neighborhood Company, was the only store that did not need to be demolished. It reopened last month.

The 7-11 that was located next to the big green building that may soon become the new town hall (6231 Estero Boulevard) will not be rebuilt. That property is up for sale. The town has been looking into the possibility of purchasing that property to expand the parking lot for a future town hall. There is a clause in the contract that a convenience store cannot be built on that lot if it were to be sold.


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