Side Street Speeders Irk Homeowner


Flamingo Street resident Kimberly Scherman says she’s fed up with speeders on her street and she and her neighbors are taking action. Scherman says after speeders ignored “slow down” signs she’s purchased these items and plans to put them out on her street.

Scherman tells Beach Talk Radio drivers are going over 40MPH down Flamingo. “The topping to the cake is when my brand new car I got since we lost everything to Ian was coated with concrete dust because they set up the machine feet from my car. I’m tired of the disrespect of everyone.

Scherman says she hopes she doesn’t get any back lash but she’s putting the signs and speed bumps out on the road. “Won’t stop the negligence of workers but may slow them down so they don’t kill my neighbors dogs/vacationers/kids or keep throwing.”


  1. Great and all, but adhere to proper State and city road laws. You cannot simply install things because something bothers your, thats not how any of this works. Speak to the town about it and contact the FDOT. We dont need Roadway Vigilantes on FMB.

  2. You can’t just put “speed bumps” on the street. It is not your street. Someone puts them on our street a few years ago and the town or county removed them. You can’t do it.

    • Who owns the road, FMB? I don’t think that’s a county road like Estero Blvd.

      I’m pretty sure citizens cannot install things like the speed bumps (no matter how well-intentioned) without approval or oversight by some entity, be it FMB or FDOT. I know FMB had a few hoops to jump with FDOT just replacing the street signs. Perhaps that permission has already been obtained.

  3. This is a problem on other streets where construction is happening. In addition to charging down the street, parking is any which way and at times not even leaving a full lane for passage (let alone an emergency vehicle), unshielded work where dust and debris lands everywhere and working hours outside of what is allowed in a residential neighborhood. Ever gotten woken up at 5:XX in the am to a dumpster change over (SW Waste) ? It always happens at o’dark thirty and no amount of talking changes their behavior. And the amount of renegade activities happening nights and weekends is tremendous!

  4. I am also a Flamingo street resident, there are certain repeat construction worker offenders, including the lunch truck, beep, beep, beep, that fly down the road. Go for it Kimberly, I will contribute to the cost!!

  5. You won’t get any backlash from me also from Flamingo St. Go for it! Unfortunately, we have 10 properties on the street that are being built from scratch or will be in near future, not to mention those just being repaired. There is a lot of construction traffic on our street, noise from workers as well as stuff flying thru the air.

    Ed, you need to do a walk around and talk to Kim and also have Alex King take you into 260 Flamingo currently for sale. See all the different stages of building going on. Ours just has columns up so far.


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