Long-Time Town Utilities Director Resigns


*In our newsletter this morning an incorrect headline stated the Public Works Director resigned. Christy Cory was the Utilities Director.

Christy Cory, who was the face of the Fort Myers Beach water department in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, recently submitted her resignation. The town, on advice from the town attorney, is not saying much about why.

In a public records request, we requested Cory’s resignation from the town. Here’s the e-mail we received…

Pursuant to Section 119.071(2)(k), Fla. Stat. a complaint of misconduct filed with an agency [Town] against an agency [Town] employee and all information obtained pursuant to an investigation by the agency [Town] of the complaint is confidential and exempt until the investigation ceases to be active, or until the agency provides written notice to the employee who is the subject of the complaint, either personally or by mail, that the agency has either:

  1. Concluded the investigation with a finding not to proceed with disciplinary action or file charges; or
  2. Concluded the investigation with a finding to proceed with disciplinary action or file charges.

Accordingly, the public records request for a copy of Christy Cory’s resignation letter is confidential and exempt from disclosure under Section 119.071(2)(k), Fla. Stat, because it contains a complaint of misconduct against a Town employee that is the subject of an on-going internal investigation by the Town.



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