Man Dies After Jumping Off Fort Myers Beach Pier


LCSO is not identifying the man who witnesses say jumped off the Fort Myers Beach pier Saturday afternoon. When EMS responded to the call the man was unconscious in the water. He was pulled out and transported to Healthpark where Doctor Gustavo Rey called the time of death at 3:26 pm.

Two witnesses gave deputies consistent statements that a white male (the decedent) climbed over the pier and jumped into the water after attempting to light a cigarette.

No further details about the incident were available.


  1. It was even happening when I was a kid when the 1st wooden pier was on the beach. Jumping off the pier has been a ritual of youth. I agree with the signage John Lallo mentions. But you will not stop youth from being youth, or bad judgement from being bad judgement. This is boys being boys so to speak. They will just ignore the sign. God bless the family of this man.

  2. This seems to be a dangerous growing trend.
    Don’t know how to deter people from doing this.
    The waters are extremely shallow and the murky waters don’t show the bottom.
    Maybe a sign stating..
    jumping off pier can cause death or extreme personal injury.

    This has been going on for years


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