Roar Offshore Team Gets Us Up To Speed


On Episode #235 of Beach Talk Radio, the team from the Roar Offshore Boat Racing Championships filled us in on the three-day race weekend October 6th through the 8th, which includes a parade, a VIP viewing section and an entire day of the fastest boats on the planet.

Watch the show HERE.

Listen as a podcast HERE.

Get details on the races HERE.


  1. Why no boat vendors?
    Why no meet and greet with racers?
    Why no public at the pier trophy ceremony?
    Why no boats staged on time square for pics?
    Why do teams not have booths to sell their gear?
    There’s more to racing in any sport, that make it an event. This is all missing. Should all be held in the time square area where all the foot traffic is. Keep people walking around buying stuff, shopping, eating. This is where you gain Sponsors. And the event grows.


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