Mask Mandate To Continue on The Beach


On Tuesday, the town council instructed town attorney John Herin to clean up the COVID-19 Emergency Declarations that have been on the books now for nearly a year. Herin will remove the items superceded by any of Governor’ DeSantis’ Executive orders.

The town will continue to mandate masks even through there has been zero enforcement. No tickets have been issued regarding mask wearing or social distancing. 

In supporting the continuation of the mask mandate, Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy said the pandemic is getting worse not better. “We can mandate the tourists to wear it (the mask). We can ride this out. My recommendation is to keep it until we get the all clear from the CDC.”

Despite what the Mayor said Tuesday, cases of COVID-19 in Lee County have been steadily declining, according to Lee Health. As of yesterday there were 157 patients with COVID-19 in Lee Health facilities. One week earlier there were 182 patients and two weeks ago there were 197 patients. Lee County has never had a mask mandate, choosing education over government regulation. 

And, Lee County has been distributing the COIVID-19 vaccine as quickly as possible to those 65 and over. The biggest problem with the vaccine has been getting enough doses to Lee County. 

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