Merchants Set up GoFundMe To Combat Preacher


Street preachers in Times Square have been getting a lot of publicity lately. Adam LaCroix was most recently on WINK-TV fighting for his 1st Amendment right to free speech. Times square restaurants have been losing revenue because of how the preacher’s are delivering that speech.

The local residents and tourists are not trying to deny the street preachers from saying what they want to say. It’s the fact that they are using bullhorns to call people vulgar names as they are trying to enjoy dinner at the downtown restaurants. All everyone is asking is for a little courtesy. Maybe move to a different high traffic area where people who just want to eat a nice dinner don’t have to be subjected to vulgar language and signs with dead babies. Especially when they have young children.

The Times Square Merchants Association has received approval from the Town of Fort Myers Beach to add a second night of weekend music in the square. The music is just loud enough to drown out the bullhorn, not to mention bad for video recordings that the preachers use to boost their social media pages.

The challenge the downtown merchants have is funding to pay for the bands. The association has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the cost of hiring bands for Saturday night. As of Friday morning about $3,000 has been raised toward the $10,000 goal thanks to a lot of you who saw our Facebook post about the fund. On Thursday night NBC2 also ran a story about the fund.

Anyone interested in helping out this grass roots effort can donate HERE

You can also mail a check to:
Downtown Merchants Association
1005 Estero Blvd,
Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931


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