On Friday…What The Candidates Say About Community Policing


Community Policing on Fort Myers Beach has been a big topic over the last year. Both Dan Allers and Jim Atterholt want it while the Mayor does not support more police protection. Find out what the three candidates running for council think about making the beach more safe in your Friday morning headlines.


  1. Yes!! Policing is an issue on FMB. We have “2” deputies which isn’t enough on a 7 mile island! It’s all county as we have no police department on the beach FMB!
    Jason & I have Been in contact recently with a captain & deputies of LCSD as they are wanting to help.
    It’s the town thats doesn’t want to PAY deputies!!
    The 2 deputies FMB does have Lee county provides, not the town!
    FMB continues to have issues with homeless & nothing done about it! Now another Issue as times are getting tough in our country “theft” customers leaving without wanting to pay their tab after eating and drinking in the square, people thinking they’re above the law and nothing will happen to them! We have made police reports and have pressed charges against a few as we got a license plate number this last time. LCSD has worked with us as they are limited again to 2 deputies.
    We were told if we would like to pay a certain $$ amount hour we could have private policing.
    This should be on the Town of FMB to provide more safety for our residence, vacationers and all businesses.
    It’s Not the businesses responsibility to police and protect!
    This is ridiculous! It’s Proven fact more deputies with their presence = less crime!!
    Yes, we might have more good on this island than bad, BUT to help keep down on crime, it’s definitely needed! It’s impossible to only have two deputies if something occurs! The town spends more money on frivolous projects!
    The key is prevention not reaction. Being proactive in keeping everyone safe should be the towns number one priority!! Pay for policing!!


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