Persaud Shutting Off Lot to Public


As of Tuesday, July 5th, Sunset Grill owner Terry Persaud says his parking lot will no longer be open to the public. He says only customers coming to his restaurant will be allowed to use the lot located at the base of the Matanzas Pass Bridge.

The lot, which the town claims Persaud is operating illegally, has been open to the public. The fee for the public to park varies depending how busy the beach is.

Persaud says his lot is important to the Times Square area because employees that work in the area use his lot as well as delivery trucks and other vehicles that need to do business in Times Square. Persaud says only trucks that are delivering to Sunset Grill will be allowed to use the lot as of Tuesday. Same goes for employees that work at other businesses.

There are 60 parking spot in the Sunset Grill parking lot.


  1. Dee, well said. This town needs an enema. Hostile to the citizens and the businesses. Shameful really. Even hostile towards its own council members that don’t agree with the mayor. Not saying I agree with Persaud not fixing certain things. But long before the town incorporated this lot existed. So seems it should be allowed. You can’t change rules mid game and expect everyone to just go along with it. Now instead of hurting just persaud, you hurt the employees, and visitors. God forbid if someone on this beach made a dollar that didn’t come from a fine.

  2. That lot is used by many employees of the businesses in Times Square, so that’s sad. It’s our go to lot if we don’t bike down to TS. Really don’t understand why that lot wasn’t grandfathered in since it’s always been a parking lot.

  3. Why did it have to come to this? Why can’t the town offer an olive branch and work with all of it’s island businesses? The ambiance, lately, is heavy and tinged with fermentation. The voters need to all take a look at how, what and why and vote accordingly. This place needs a NEW refresh. It has become debilitating.


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