Post Office Repairs to Cost $1 Million


That’s according to a permit application recently submitted to the town of Fort Myers Beach. The 17,680 square foot Post Office on Carolina Avenue was recently assessed at $2.8 million so the $1 million in repairs fit under FEMA’s 50% rule.

Everglades Construction is repairing the building which includes $195,000 to replace HVAC units, $33,750 to remove and replace metal doors to code, $28,000 to replace windows and $15,000 to replace drywall. In all, the list of 24 items to be repaired comes out to just over $1 million.

Vice Mayor Jim Atterholt took a tour of the Post Office earlier this week and said, “If all continues to go well, the folks at Everglades Construction Group tell me they are hoping for a grand opening in September.” That may be a bit optimistic being that the permit application for repairs was submitted on June 30th.

Temporary Post Office trailers opened back in January in the parking lot of the damaged building. Before that residents had to drive 20 miles into Fort Myers to get their mail every day.


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