Restoration of Post Office Building Has Begun


According to Vice Mayor Jim Atterholt, work is underway to restore the severely damaged Post Office building on Carolina Avenue. Everglades Construction Group was awarded the contract to rebuild the facility.

Work began this past weekend on the building, at the same time Post Office employees were gearing up to open the temporary trailer facility in the parking lot.

Vice Mayor Jim Atterholt says Ryan Edmonds from Everglades Construction Group gave him a tour of the building and told him they are hoping to have the building ready for the Post Office to open no later than August of this year.

The temporary Post Office opened as planned Monday morning much to the relief of Fort Myers Beach residents who no longer have to drive 20 miles into Fort Myers to get their mail every day.

Atterholt said he picked up his mail on Monday and the process was smooth. “You go to the larger trailer and fill out a small piece of paper with your name and address and show identification. Someone else brings your mail out and hands it to you over the railing.”

The smaller trailer in the parking lot contains the P.O. Boxes. Residents need to hand over their old keys to get their new ones. The Post Office also has an employee in the smaller trailer selling stamps and weighing and mailing packages. There are still empty P.O. Boxes for rent at $97 for 6 months and $194 for 13 months. The retail facility is open 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday.

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