Publix Set to Open Thursday


Residents on Fort Myers Beach will no longer have to drive off the island to get their groceries after this Thursday. The long-awaited re-opening of Publix is finally set to happen.

There has been zero communication between the company and the community about the re-opening. The only way residents knew the store was set to open back up was the signs they put out on Estero Boulevard.

Publix has been closed since Hurricane Ian came through town back in September of last year. Residents living on the island have had to drive either to the Wal-Mart off the island on the north end or to Bonita on the south end to get their groceries.

It’s our understanding that once the Publix opens on Thursday they are also planning to make a $5,000 donation of product to the Beach Baptist market


  1. Lived on FMB for 18 years, stayed for Charlie and many others. My late Husband Jeffrey Chappina worked there, My Son in law Scott Brody worked there and I also did for 11 years. I am so very happy Publix is back. May God Beless all .

    • Yes, Publix is Employee owned. As Fl is a ” Right to work state” Publix is one of the few that abide by many rules that are very close to “union” to help their family ,give them alot of steps to go through before they can fire you. I do not agree with many of their charities , you can always say ” NO THANK YOU”

  2. Big Public Corporations were ALL the first to close on Island before Hurricane and will be last to return –
    if people want a Truly great island they will stop accepting these “BRIBES” / donations and stop partnering with PUBLIC Corps that have nothing but a FIDUCIARY responsibility to pursue PROFIT . Period .


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