Record: Home Sells For $6.175 Million on Fort Myers Beach


Despite extensive hurricane damage done to all of Fort Myers Beach that will take years to recover from, a beachfront home at 4148 Estero Boulevard sold on Thursday for $6.175 million.

It was the highest price ever paid for a single family home on Fort Myers Beach, according to MLS records. The previous record was $6.1 million for a single family home on Gulf Road which sold in February of this year.

The Real Estate agent for the record deal was Jorge Barrera from Premiere Plus Realty Company.

The home, which is on the beach side of Estero Boulevard, is about 5 blocks north of Publix. The 3,700 square foot home was built in 2015 and has 6 bedrooms and 3.5 baths.

Very little damage was done to the structure because it was built using updated codes, which are put in place to withstand Florida’s brutal hurricane seasons.

Barrera told Beach Talk Radio that after the hurricane it was very challenging to come up with a sale price for the home. “When the seller first contacted me and I recommended a price he thought it was unrealistic. But having market and area knowledge, especially with beachfront homes, gave me an edge on knowing how to price it.”

Two years ago, the home sold for $3.8 million. Barrera convinced the seller, Kurt Fazekas, to list the home at $6.4 Million.

Within two weeks Fazekas had received 4 offers and on November 17th, he decided on the highest cash offer. On Thursday Fazekas and the buyer closed on the deal for $6.175 million.
Barrera says the record breaking deal means, that despite the severe damage Hurricane Ian did to so many homes and structures on Fort Myers Beach, “the future is bright and Fort Myers beach will continue to rise”

Barrera vowed to give 10% of his commission to a local 501c3 that’s focused on hurricane relief. He will present that commission check to the Fort Myers Beach Woman’s Club on Beach Talk Radio Saturday at 12:30 at Wahoo Willies. Fazekas has agreed to match Berrera’s check and will also be on the show.


  1. Absolutly!!! God Bless This Kind , Generous, Love for family and his Community Type of Guy, We need more like Jose Jorge Barrera and The Fazekas family in this World! Thank You! We Love you Jorge! Mom & Pop

  2. Awesome!!! BRAVO ! All the way around!💕
    This is what this Holiday Season is all about! Kudos for the generosity and inspiring all of us, Jorge and The Fazekas family. 👏🏼👏🏼🎄🎄💕💕

  3. Jorge’s commission is nearly $310,000 from this sale. Ya think he might donate a little more than $30K. After all Ian gave him that sale. The owners wouldn’t be selling if it weren’t for Ian.

    • Not true. The nearly $310K commission you mention has to be split with the buyers agent unless Jorge is representing both the seller and buyer. If he is just the listing agent then its nearly $155K for him based on splitting total commission 50/50.

    • That’s ridiculous. Sounds like socialism. He is under absolutely no obligation to share what he EARNED by practicing his profession, whether it is 3,000, 30,000, or 300,000. The fact that he is doing so is extraordinarily generous and also happens to be brilliant marketing as it has put his name all over the news. Is someone has a multi-million dollar property to sell. I bet they’ll seriously be considering giving him a call. Bravo for your generosity and congrats on your success, Mr. Barrera!

  4. That is wonderful news of the value for the highest price of a home sold at FMB. Better yet helping the community with some of the sales proceeds and commission of the realtor shows great generosity.

  5. Awesome generosity. I had no concerns ..thousands of people see unique opportunities here in SWFL.. Ft Myers Beach and surrounding areas will be back!

  6. Congratulations Jorge! Good things happen to good people and you are certainly “good people”, it was our pleasure to work with you at Buttonwood and I still feel bad about throwing away your wallet and lunch! But I’m glad you were able to recover the wallet.


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