Will Lynn Hall Park Facilities Open This Weekend?


The $450,000 worth of renovations taking place at the restroom facilities in Lynn Hall Park are still expected to be complete by this weekend, according to Lee County officials we spoke with Monday. The upgrades began back in March and the facilities have been closed while the work is being done.

There’s expected to be a huge crowd on the beach this weekend with the 4th of July fireworks celebration scheduled for Sunday night at 9PM. Bands will be playing Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the Times Square area. It’s the first major town sponsored event since the pandemic shut all events down.

Lynn Hall Park is owned by Lee County. Port-a-potties were brought into the parking lot while the renovations are being done.

The $450,000 worth of renovations to the restrooms include two toilets and one urinal being added to the mens room. Four toilets and one sink are being added to the ladies room. In addition, the county is converting space now being used for storage to two family style restrooms.


  1. Jeff Butcher
    Wow can’t wait to see what that kind of money got the city ( who got rich on this deal )

  2. $450k seems a little steep for a bathroom reno. Can build three single family homes for that.

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