Rood Lashes Out at Atterholt


(8/17/2020) Eddie Rood was not at town hall Monday when the council rejected his offer. After the meeting he told us that he’s instructed his attorneys to file the quite title search, which he says will eventually result in the homeowners taking ownership of the land in which the CWA now resides. He also sent us the following statement about his offer being rejected…

“The Mayor and Council Allers exercised good judgment and reason and they were attempting to stop the Towns exposure to massive litigation and the possible loss of millions of dollars to stop our walkover that helps a neighborhood. Jim Atterholt ran for council on the platform and stated at every public forum he was not willing to risk the loss of the CWA and would vote in favor of the walkover and now has changed his mind since he drank the Audubon’s Kool-Aid. He has turned out to be the typical politician that runs on positions and then after elected does not follow through. The people that supported him will be disappointed when this turns badly for the Tax payers.”

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