Sanibel Is Crushing It.


On Fort Myers Beach Turtle Time reports 15 nests and 12 false crawls. SCCF reports 59 nests on Sanibel, 52 nests and 55 false crawls on the west end and 7 nests and 26 false crawls on the east end.

Captiva has 11 nests with 15 false crawls

Bonita Beach has 23 nests and 13 false crawls.

A false crawl happens when a turtle goes back to the water without laying eggs. The turtle may have been disturbed or did not find a suitable spot to nest.

Please do your part and fill in holes in the sand, remove beach furniture and other objects that would obstruct the path of a turtle and please remember to close your drapes at night not only to protect the turtles from disorientation but save your wallet from an ordinance violation.