Seagram’s Team Helps Keep Captiva Beautiful


Seagram’s Escapes team members were among the over 200 Keep Lee County Beautiful and Captiva Erosion Prevention District volunteers that planted hundreds of gallon-sized plants during a shoreline stabilization event.

The volunteers planted 800 sea oats, covering approximately 400 linear feet, at the Alison Hagerup Park on Captiva. The Captiva Erosion Prevention District completed a beach renourishment project back in November 2021, which included the addition of 350,000 sea oats. 

The ones planted during the Seagram’s Escapes project were to replace those damaged and lost.  The new sea oats will help protect the beach from erosion and will help establish habitats for native wildlife. The entire project, including the volunteer appreciation party following the planting was all made possible by Seagram’s Escapes and their team.

Seagram’s Escapes, the fourth largest traditional, flavored, malt beverage brand in the U.S., has invested $25,000 to create impactful cleanup opportunities in and around popular waterways and beaches across the state.