Sheriff Detail Ends in 9 Days


The Lee County Sheriff employee you see directing pedestrians when and where to walk at the flashing light near Times Square will no longer be there after April 17th.

The town of Fort Myers Beach has an annual contract with LCSO with one of the specific responsibilities being to keep the flow of traffic and pedestrians moving at that flashing light.

The goal of the detail is to limit constant pedestrian crossings and keep vehicles moving at the base of the Matanzas Pass Bridge.

One of the causes of backed up traffic on Estero Boulevard is pedestrians crossing the road at various points, and, drivers trying to be polite, stopping to let them cross. The LCSO detail keeps pedestrians on one side of the road until there is a large enough group, then stops traffic and allows the group to cross.

The detail is also at that intersection during busy holiday’s on the beach including Christmas, New Years Eve and Easter. The cost to taxpayers to have the detail at that location is $54,536.

The end of the contract coincides with the typical end of season. However, over the past two years, the crowds and traffic have not slowed down on what has been considered the off-season in the past.

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