What You Need To Know About Tonight’s Show…


Tonight at 4PM, the TPI team will join Beach Talk Radio for a special LIVE Happy Hour show from The Whale, overlooking the Margaritaville construction. Here’s what you need to know about getting in to see the show.

To everyone who’s reserved a spot at the show, thank you. It’s going to be a very big crowd. Here’s how this will work…the earlier you arrive, the more seats you will have to choose from. The later you arrive, the more likely you will be standing, or in the back.

There will not be reserved seats or seats waiting with your names on them. We just wanted to make sure we did not go over The Whale’s capacity.

The update will include the answers to all of your questions about the parking and we’ll take questions from a LIVE studio audience. We will have speakers so you do not have to listen to the show on Facebook.

If you’re not planning to attend the show at The Whale, we will be broadcasting on our Facebook and YouTube pages as well as the TPI Margaritaville page.




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