Town Takes Steps To Foreclose on Five Properties


The Fort Myers Beach Town Council is fed up with code violators who continuously snub their nose at the rules, ignore code violations, and make money from the properties in violation. As a result the town council has told town attorney John Herin to start the process to foreclose on these five properties.

Sunset Grill owner Terry Persaud is the biggest target of the five properties on the list. Persaud has two of them. The parking lot adjacent to Sunset grill in Times Square has seven town code enforcement liens recorded against the property, three dating back to March of 2019. Those three liens since 2019 have fines totaling $60,100 and continue to accrue every day.

Persaud was hit with a fourth lien in June of 2019 with an accrued fine of $80,050. The fifth lien was slapped on the property in February of 2020 and is now at $44,824 with $250 added every day. The sixth and seventh liens began in March of 2021 and are up to $10,575 and $9,575 respectively.

On this parking lot property alone Persaud is sitting at over $205,000 in fines with more being added on every day.

Sunset Grill

The town also has two liens on Persaud’s restaurant, The Sunset Grill. The first lien began in 2019 and is now at $11,750. The second lien began in March of 2021 and sits at $9,975 with $250 being added every day.

Persaud is being accused by the town of renting beach chairs without a permit, violating the town’s sign ordinance, operating an unapproved parking lot and operating a dumpster without a screen.

Persaud says the town is bullying him.

The third property the town plans to foreclose on is the Key Estero Shops parking lot. Beach residents know the lot from the $40.00 per day parking signs across from the Sea Gypsy. The town has accused the owner of operating an illegal parking lot and they put a lien on his property in September of 2020. The fines now sit at $34,475 and $200 is added to that total every day ( the equivalent of 5 daily parking spots on his massive lot)

The fourth property is at 80 Avenue East (pictured below) owned by White Sand Properties. On this property the town has gone after them for working without a permit and having an unsafe structure. The town has three code violations against the property dating back to 2016 and 2019. As of March 2019 the fines had already exceeded $250,000 and $250 was being added to that every day.
The fifth property is 268/270 Nature View Court, owned by Dania Carballo Ortiz and Daisy Garcia. Violations here include work done without permits and renting the property repeatedly for less than 7 days. The town has multiple code violations on this property. Two began in October of 2020 and now total over $56,000 each, with $250 being added every day. A third lien was recorded in 2021 with fines over $21,000. All in, this property is now over $124,000 in fines with $250 being added every day.

On April 18th the town council will vote to give town attorney John Herin the authority to start foreclosure proceedings on these five properties.

There are 20 other properties on the beach that the town has liens against. It’s unknown what the next steps will be with those 20 at this time.


  1. What happens to the properties and businesses if the town successfully forecloses on them? Will the town own the properties? Will they be forced to sell them? Will they be able to develop them? What happens?

  2. Maybe the town will now go after all the owners who rent weekly in areas that are zoned monthly-only. Been complaining about this for years!!!


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