Showing Support For Ukraine


The Nauti Parrot on Fort Myers Beach has decided to stop selling any products that have Russian ties after President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine last week. We spoke to owner Tyler Geib and asked him why he decided to pull the products off his shelves.

Geib said what he’s doing is a symbolic gesture, removing any products with Russian ties. “Stoli, Smirnoff and Russian Standard have been pulled from all of our locations (Nauti Parrot Tiki Hut North Fort Myers, Nauti Parrot Dock Bar FMB, Nauti Parrot Oasis South Fort Myers). We are working with our food purveyors to ensure none of our products benefit Russian companies or individuals. Our hearts go out to the Ukrainian people who are having their sovereignty threatened and, in the near future, are planning to raise money for Ukrainian Humanitarian Relief.”

Geib said the support he’s been receiving from his decision to pull the products has been very positive. “Most in the physical restaurants have been very supportive with dissenting opinions online (as to be expected). Sunday we had customers ask if we had any of the Russian vodka left (we hadn’t thrown out the bottle yet). They bought the remainder of the bottle from us to have it poured down the drain.”


  1. Hilarious. When you boycott something you don’t purchase it to begin with. Purchasing then ridding yourself of it does nothing. Now back to that king flu China crap. How about that mask not needed. Amazing one day it was, next day not. Crazy. Perhaps the mask should come with the same label as a plastic bag. Could cause loss of oxygen and suffocating. Maybe explain the lack of brain power used to wear one.

  2. Thank you for supporting the freedom fighters in Ukraine in any way you can and having the courage to do it publicly. Most of us support those people in Ukraine fighting for their freedom against Communist expansionism and wish we could do more to help. It used to be an American thing to do. I support anything that supports the Ukraine peoples efforts directly or indirectly. Nobody wants war with Russia, but all of us want them to get there butts kicked for stating communist expansionism again. I am a Cold War Veteran.

  3. 947k Covid death in the United State due to China’s bio weapon, killing innocent people!!
    So are you going through your entire house now throwing shit out that’s made in China?? Seriously Shut the front door!

  4. Stoli is not Russian. It’s made it Latvia. Read the labels. The owner was Russian. Was exiled by the government. History people do some homework before you just assume a Russian sounding name is Russian. And how about China. The old Kung Flu aka fauci disease. You gonna throw out all your Chinese made stuff?? Most communist country in the world.

  5. This is assinine. A “woke” move 🙄. Some of it is bottled in the US, by US workers. The fact they still paid for the bottles anyway does absolutely NOTHING. Same thing with the people who were Bruning their Carhartt stuff. Remember “Everything Woke Turns To Shit”


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