Snake Eyes For Adult Video Arcade


Suzie Bahan’s application for an adult video arcade at 185 Old San Carlos was rejected by the Fort Myers Beach town council Monday. And while the council did not believe that type of business fit into the code for that area, not all was lost for Bahan.

The council did approve her request for a license to serve beer and wine and she tells Beach Talk Radio News that she plans to open a business called The Painted Pineapple. “The Painted Pineapple will be a sophisticated wine bar that offers discerning locals and visitors a more extensive selection of wines (beer and wine based spirits) from many regions within the U.S. and abroad. Ambience will abound in the tropical and relaxed atmosphere, made more enjoyable by a variety of local musicians and entertainment.”

While the video arcade machines would have been more of a hook to get people into the business, it was not going to be the main feature. Bahan wanted to open this type of wine bar. The only restriction the council put on the application was that the alcohol was not to be served or consumed outside the building.

The video arcade machines, which are like slot machines with vouchers and gift certificates being the prizes rather than money, would have cost Bahan between $75,000 and $100,000 to purchase.



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