Town Adds 35 Parking Spots


In an effort to help alleviate the town’s parking issue due to an abundance of construction in the downtown area, 35 parking spots at town hall are now available to the public on weekends.

And for local residents who pay for an annual parking pass those spots are available to you at no charge. For those that do not pay for an annual pass, remember that the town charges $3.00 per hour per spot. That fee will increase to $5.00 on January 1st.

Every parking spot is important on Fort Myers Beach, especially with season about to begin and the Roar Offshore Boat races taking place Thursday through Saturday this week.

A swath of parking spots under the bridge will continue to be closed to the public as its being used as an equipment staging area for a contractor working on stormwater project. That work has a deadline of April but could be completed sooner. The spots will be closed until at least the end of the year. The contractor is reimbursing the town for lost revenue to the spots being blocked off.

Town Hall is a little less than one mile from Times Square, which is about an 8-10 minute jog if you are in decent shape. Closer to 15 minutes if you prefer to walk. Of course, there are beach access points all along the way once you cross Estero Boulevard.

Councilman Dan Allers came up with the idea for parking at Town Hall.

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