Thank You Dan Hughes


On Monday the town of Fort Myers Beach Town Council honored former Mayor Dan Hughes with a certificate of appreciation for his decades of service to the Fort Myers Beach Community. Dan Hughes is one of the most respected people on Fort Myers Beach, as humble a person as you’ll ever meet and one of the nicest person ever to walk the planet.

Hughes recently turned 91 years of age, and as of last week was still serving on the audit committee and the Local Planning Agency. He has been facing some health challenges lately.

During the presentation Monday, in typical Dan Hughes form, he made fun of himself, stating he had a brilliant speech prepared but forgot it all. He also thanked many of the people he worked with over the years and received a standing ovation from the members of the community the attended the council meeting when they heard he was going to be honored.

Dan Hughes receives a standing ovation from residents at town hall.

Hughes was appointed by the town council back in 1998 after the resignation of another council member. He ran for office and was elected to the council in 2000. He served as Mayor and Vice Mayor.

Dan was also a charter member to the Town’s Local Planning Agency where he served for over two years, during which the town’s comprehensive plan was drafted.

Dan Hughes practiced law for over 30 years, especially in the fields of real estate, banking, securities and estate planning. He served for many years as city attorney and prosecutor. He represented the Chicago Mass Transit District and a number of municipalities, school districts and other governmental units. He has drafted zoning ordinances and litigated land use cases. He is also experienced in municipal fiscal matters. He was involved in the banking industry as a president, director and legal counsel of a community bank.

We reached out to several members of the community to get their input on what Dan has meant to them and the Fort Myers Beach community. Here’s what they had to say.

Dan Hughes and Anita Cereceda at the Mound House

“No one in this community has contributed more to the success of our town than Dan Hughes. His leadership, on every level, will always reflect the very best of who we are as a community.”
Anita Cereceda
Former Fort Myers Beach Mayor


Hearing all the amazing things said about my Dad made me so proud. I feel very blessed because I know these things about him but so much more. I also get how touched he was as he never did any of it for recognition but truly loves Fort Myers Beach.
Dana Hughes Southard
Dan Hughes’ Daughter

Dan Hughes has been an integral force in the formation and growth of the Town of Fort Myers Beach. His insightful leadership, gentle spirit and significant contributions have benefited our Town which he has served with honor, humility, and dignity. It is a pleasure to call him a friend and a privilege to consider him a mentor. His contributions will have a lasting effect on the Town of FMB and his service is a shining example for others to follow.
Jacki Liszak
FMB Chamber of Commerce

Before you ever even get to all that Dan has meant to the community at large, if you just focus on his knowledge in the field of municipal government, we always used to say that if we had to pay for that level of expertise , the Town wouldn’t have been able to afford it. He brought that much to the table…..for free.
John Gucciardo
Former Deputy Town Manager
Fort Myers Beach

Dan Hughes has been a trusted person in our growth on Fort Myers Beach! He is a vault of information having been one of the founding fathers of this town. He’s the person who can tell you what they meant by this statement or that section of the comp plan. What the intended thought process was for us to follow in keeping us a quaint community! Dan service on the many committees that he’s been on for the past 25 years has held us all to a higher standard! It has been a pleasure to serve beside him for so many years on the LPA!
Jane Plummer
FMB Local Planning Agency

Dan Hughes has been a great asset for the Town of Fort Myers Beach. I have served with him on the Audit Committee, the Local Planning Agency and replaced him as Treasurer for the Friends of the Mound House. His vision is “what is best for residents of Fort Myers Beach” and that what he does. The Town has benefited greatly through his wisdom. I wish him the best and he has been a great influence on my life and made me a better person.
Jim Steele
FMB Audit Committee Member
Former Interim FMB Town Manager

Here’s our interview with Dan Hughes from Episode #128 on August 30, 2020 LISTEN 


  1. Beautifully worded, all of it. I’ve never met Dan but the respect people have for him is almost like none other. What an amazing man.


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