The Beach School Needs Our Help


The Fort Myers Beach elementary teachers are preparing to teach their students after this devastating hurricane. The teachers, as well as the students, experienced major losses.

The school is asking for donations so that teachers can welcome students back to classrooms filled with supplies that help to create a sense of normalcy and prepare students to learn. Anything you can contribute will help

Here are the wish lists from the teachers.
Kindergarten (Crissi Hall)
1st grade (Alicia Catlett)
2nd grade (Jenna Hinkle)
3rd grade (Joy Rockwell)
4th grade (Lori Zamniak)
5th grade (Jenny Fraley)
Music and MTSS (Kalyn Ortega)


  1. My wife and I are longtime owners at Ocean Harbor on FMB. I am President of a small educational foundation in New York created in memory of our grandson and dedicated to supporting the visual and performing arts in education. The Remember Ryan Foundation would like to support the Fort Myers Beach Elementary art and music programs with a $1000 grant to each program. I can be contacted by the art and music teachers at the email below to provide the

  2. I bought some supplies for Kindergarten, but Amazon just cancelled my order and said it was undeliverable. Wondering if anyone else had this problem. I’m happy to resend if there is an updated address.

    • If you click on each teacher, their Amazon wishlist comes up. You buy something off their wishlist and it gets delivered to them.

  3. Can you please add to that list that the art teacher needs any kind of art supplies you can donate I don’t have an Amazon wish list I don’t even have very good Internet right now but just anything that you can put on the radio to add because you got all the teachers and the music teacher we need to add the art teacher please. I need colored pencils, oil pastels,
    9 x 12 paper, 12×18 paper, colored construction paper 9 x 12, scissors, rulers, tissue paper in colors, white glue, glue sticks, crayons, number two pencils with erasers, pink pearl erasers, and anything else you can think of that you want to donate that would be considered art supplies thank you so much– Sherry Diaz


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