The Fencing is Up at Bayside Park


It looks like work is set to begin on the rehabilitation of Bayside Park. Fencing has been put up in the area of the construction zone and business owners in the area have told us they are starting to see activity.

Bayside Park is one of three major projects the town borrowed $10 million for.

The $900,000 project includes a stage, hardscape paving, shade structures, motorized trellises and landscaping. According to the contract, the landscaping will include artificial turf, cordgrass, muhly grass, shell mulch and 2 coconut palms. 9 palm trees will be removed.

The area now has an old Gazebo, which at times is used by the homeless, and a concrete pit area that used to be a fountain.

Wright Construction was the sole bidder for the project which is epxected to take about 7 months to complete.



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