The Clock Will Be Back Soon


On Tuesday the Fort Myers Beach Town Council accepted a donation from George and Linda Merschman who purchased a replacement clock for Times Square. The new $38,000 clock resembles the original clock that was lost due to Hurricane Ian.

The clock in Times Square became an iconic landmark with both residents and visitors posing for pictures on a daily basis. When the storm surge came through Times Square, along with many of the structures in that area, the clock was gone.

Town Staff now needs to work on installing power to the area where the clock once stood. Hurricane Ian did extensive damage to Times Square including knocking out all the power. The new clock will be installed where the old clock once stood but may have to be moved in the future depending on how Times Square redevelops.

The goal is to have the new clock installed in early July.


  1. Great job, this is awesome!. Truly amazing . Only reason I’m a little saddened is because my 9 year old and I are still looking for a home. We Love Fort Myers Beach. Then Hurricane Ian came. I’m currently a healthcare worker and my son and I are seriously struggling to get back on our feet. We are now homeless and still living in limbo. Thanks for the clock. It’s a reminder that with time things can change. Thanks To GOD for never leaving our side. 🙏🏾❣️FMB

  2. Thank you to the Merschmans for their generous hearts and pockets! This will go a long way to helping restore the FMB vibe! ❤️FMB

  3. The town owns the walking areas. The businesses are privately owned. Pier is county owned. No decisions have been made on the “look” of the time square buildings. The town has to redo the underground infrastructure prior to any construction in the vertical direction. The town prior to the storm had been in the process of getting this done.

  4. I thought Joe Orlandini paid for the clock? I noticed he took his post down the other day. What’s up with that?

  5. It’s the kindness of people like the Merschman Family that help to put smiles on so many faces. Thank you so much.


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