The Work Has Begun To Reopen The 7-11’s


All four 7-11 locations on Fort Myers Beach were destroyed when Hurricane Ian smashed and battered the island. Two of the four locations sold gas which means residents have to drive between 3 and 10 miles, depending on where they live to get gas at Walmart.

The way it works with 7-11 is that corporate is responsible for everything outside the building and the franchisee is responsible for everything inside, and with all four buildings demolished the franchisee is at the mercy of the home office.

Peter Tepler is a franchisee at three of the 7-11 locations, the store across from Santini Plaza, the store near The Outrigger and the store across from the old Junkanoo building. He tells us he’s hopeful the Santini store will be open at the end of May and the store by the Outrigger may be open in July.

The stores across from Santini Plaza and Junkanoo will continue to sell gas. It’s not yet clear if gas will be available immediately when the stores open.

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