Town Replacing Street Signs


On Monday the Fort Myers beach Town Council voted to approve a $391,808 contract to replace street signs on the island. Nearly every street sign was dislodged, destroyed or washed away. In the weeks following the storm, residents created their own signs which have become the talk of the town.

V+H Construction with the second lowest bidder for the island-wide project to replace the lost signs at a cost of $391,808. Based on a town staff review, V+H submitted the lowest responsive and complete bid and they were deemed the most responsible qualified bidder.

Do not worry, the artistic signs you have some to love will not be removed. In the resolution to approve V+H as the bidder, it clearly states how much the community loves the handmade homemade signs and they need to stay: “The community has shown great resilience and engagement by creating artistic road name signs. While these do not meet the legal requirements of road signage, this project is not to remove any existing of these artistic signs. It is the desire of the town to retain the artistic signs currently erected and to promote continued engagement, creativity and demonstrations of community resiliency in recovering from Hurricane Ian.”

The money to pay for the signs will be reimbursed to the town by FEMA.

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