Tiki On The Beach Plans to Rebuild


The owners of the small hotel located on the Gulf of Mexico side at 4360 Estero Boulevard have submitted a pre-application to town staff to get feedback for a proposed 4-story building with 15 units, 3 more than they had pre-Ian.

Before Hurricane Ian, Tiki on The Beach consisted of 2 buildings, one was 2 stories, the other was 3 stories. Those two buildings had a total of 12 units. Both buildings were hammered by the hurricane and eventually demolished.

The proposed new building is 4 floors, with 3 floors of living space. It includes 15 units and a rooftop patio. Each of the three stories of proposed living space has 5 units at 380 square feet each.

The owners only have .284 acres to work with.

A pre-application is the earliest of stages for a possible rebuild. It’s a landowners opportunity to get feedback from staff on whether what they are proposing even has a chance according to how staff interprets the town’s code. Of course, as we’ve seen many times before, property owners can ignore feedback from staff and take their case right to the LPA hoping they receive a favorable vote to move forward.



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