Town’s Mooring Field Set to Open


The Town is planning a phased reopening of Matanzas Pass Mooring Field starting with wet storage using the 19 new mooring systems that are west of Matanzas Pass Bridge. Those 19 mooring balls are available to rent now.

Construction of these additional moorings was completed after Hurricane Ian because the closure of the field gave the town that opportunity. These moorings can accommodate vessels up to 85 feet in length.

Any vessel that is in the Town’s Mooring Field must register through the Town’s online Dockwa system to provide required registration information and payment.

The Town’s upland services facilities were damaged and are not yet repaired. If you have questions you call Town of Fort Myers Harbor Master Austin Gilchrist at 239-224-4118.


  1. You’re absolutely right property owners pay for everything and the town makes money off of us at a cost that doesn’t cover the maintenance and build out of this ridiculous morning field which only benefits town employees. This should be eliminated and we should get rid of the people running and organizing it which is costing us more than we’re getting in revenues this town needs to unincorporated and go back to the county it’s nothing but a political tool and an overpriced mini Lee county.

  2. Mooring field users need to pay the full cost of the service. It should not be subsidized by property owner’s taxes.

    I can’t imagine mooring fees and the accompanying income for local business come close to paying for the damage created by some of the users. Some people using the mooring field have dumped garbage in the bay, and others have left derelict boats for other people to deal with. The number of neglectful users has made the situation untenable going forward.


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