The Stories of The Hurricane


Roy Santoro’s Hurricane Ian: Stories from the Storm is a collection of interviews with people who were caught up in Hurricane Ian September 28th, 2022. The book is now available on Amazon. Santoro was on BTR this past Saturday. Watch that interview HERE.

He told Beach Talk Radio that  he had a nice bump in sales after the show on Saturday. “The last I looked  I have sold around 260 over the first 4 days that it has been out. That is pretty good since I was hoping to sell 100 in the first month. I again thank you guys for your help.”

Hurricane Ian: Stories from the Storm includes first-hand accounts of people who were forced to fight for their lives after their homes collapsed and washed away. They floated away on the roofs of homes, stood on furniture as the surge waters invaded their homes, drove in cars with surge waters up to their windshield, and more. Many of the stories in the book involve people from the Fort Myers Beach area.

You will hear from the storm chaser who recorded the historic storm surge video of a house on Fort Myers Beach being washed away with a young couple inside. They survived and that video is now a model for scientists and engineers to study for years to come. You’ll meet the heroes who emerged from nowhere to save people trapped in cars and homes. You’ll read about how the storm affected wildlife, local landmarks and businesses. You’ll learn why first responders are kept inside once sustained winds reach 45 mph. You’ll hear why so many people stay when these storms come roaring ashore.

Order Hurricane Ian: Stories from the Storm HERE


  1. My family survived the hurricane as we rode it out in our two story home on the back bay near Snook Bight Marina. We have a interesting story to tell during and after the hurricane. Thoughts and prayers for all the families affected by Hurricane Ian.

  2. Ordered my book, will be receiving it tomorrow. Can’t wait to read it. Roy was so compassionate in what he was going to write. Thank you for writing it. Your a great guy.

  3. Our daughter gave us a copy, not quite ready to read it yet, but am glad it was written and I own it when I am ready. Good luck with your sales!

  4. Just ordered it . As a survivor being rescued by the USCG on Friday. I’m anxious to read of everyone’s experiences .

  5. Ordered, received and am several chapters in and it’s very good. Lots of good information and the individual stories are very moving. Thanks BTR for bringing this book to our attention!


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