Vacation Rental Bill Passes Florida Senate


It’s called SB280 and some local elected officials believe the new Bill takes control regulating vacation rentals out of the hands of municipalities and puts it in the hands of the state. Vacation rentals are big business on Fort Myers Beach.

The bill says that the maximum overnight occupancy of a vacation rental cannot exceed two people per bedroom, plus an additional two persons in one common area, or more than two persons per bedrooms if at least 50 square feet per person, plus an additional two persons in one common area, whichever is greater.

The bill also gives a vacation property owner up to 15 days to fix a problem with their property. And, they must have a “capable” person available to respond to complaints or emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Senate version of the Bill allows local governments to charge a “reasonable registration fee” for a vacation rental. The House version of the Bill allows local governments to charge a $150 annual registration fee. Fort Myers Beach charges a $300 annual registration fee.

The Senate bill also includes violations and suspensions:
– One or more violations on five separate days during a 60-day period amounts to a 30 day suspension.
– One or more violations on five separate days during a 30-day period amounts to a  60 day suspension.
– One or more violations after two prior suspensions amounts to a suspension of 90 days

The Senate Bill does not say who will enforce the new state-wide rules. The Bill passed 27-13 in the Senate. Senator Jonathan Martin, who represents Southwest, Florida voted yes on the Bill. The House Bill is slightly different than the Senate Bill so that will have to be reconciled before it’s sent on to Governor DeSantis.



  1. These bills do the complete opposite. The total maximum occupancy is way off. This bill needs to be revised. Two per bedroom plus two. The 50 square feet is a problem. That will no doubt result in over occupancy in dwellings built as one family.
    In addition the other area that needs to be deleted is reference to treated these transient lodging establishments like they are homes that are being used for permanent occupancy.
    These lodging dwellings need to be treated just like one family dwellings license as a bed and breakfast.
    What one family dwelling being used as a home is required to be licensed by the State, required to follow the additional requirements in the Fire Prevention code 69 A, required commercial insurance, advertised transient occupancy and required to pay bed taxes?
    All lodging should be treated the same. Along with recognizing these vacation rental dwellings in the Florida occupancy code as a lodging establishment.

  2. FMB thinks they can run the island by fining residents and guests – retarded . To raise the rental fee from $50 to $300 mostly in last few yrs is preposterous .
    Rental market is devastated as are residents and FMB Govt makes life More difficult for it’s constituents-
    Balls ass backward – definition of Govt

  3. FMB was getting greedy going from $50 per year to $300+$100 per bedroom. I paid this and never got to rent my place due to IAN. Any refunds coming? Glad to see a cap being put in to law.


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