What Jacki Gave President Biden


When Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce President Jacki Liszak attended the State of the Union address last week she also handed off a letter to First Lady Jill Biden. The letter was from Mayor Dan Allers intended for the President. Here’s a look at that letter…


  1. Interesting that the ‘estimated recovery costs’ for FMB is $100,000,000! The same amount the benevolent US Government sent to Turkey and Syria. I’m sure those governments would be happy to return the favor!

  2. I wish the mayor would have wrote this letter to the citizens of Fort Myers Beach informing the community on the state of the Town’s financial shape. the amount that has been spent is astounding for such a small island. Based on these numbers it’s obvious that we cannot afford to manage an island of folks this size financially, I was against incorporation in “96” because I felt the town would become political and just another layer of unnecessary government, we were sold on the idea of government light, now we are more regulated, with ever increasing costs, fees, and taxes caused by mismanagement, ballooning salaries, benefits, and administration costs that are out of control, or lack of. This Town needs to unincorporated at revert back to the Lee County. This must come to a vote of the people of this Town to decide, Not 5-people with their own interests.

    • Thank you for your option. However, I strongly disagree with you. The numbers in that letter represent today’s cost of rebuilding what we lost. Those numbers would not change if the county had control of the beach. Ian did not care what your financial strength was when it came ashore. Everyone is seeing the massive costs to rebuild, even Lee County, and everyone are working together to get through it. There is no magic wand to get back what was lost, only processes. The letter was intended to bring light to a flaw in a process that can be fixed, not the financial shape of the Town. Again, thank you for taking the time to share your opinion and I would be happy to meet with you anytime to discuss it further.

  3. You would get much further with your request Dan Allred, if you had addressed that letter to our real CIC (Commander In Chief.) President Donald J Trump. Biden is just a puppet playing a part. 😏

  4. Add to that… the Biden Administration sent $85 million to earthquake relief in Turkey/Syria (2 countries that do not like the USA)???

  5. Beautifully written Mayor! If you don’t ask, the answer is already no. Thank you for being such an advocate and looking for any and all avenues for help AND keeping FMB in focus.

  6. Who knows if anyone will even read this letter, surely not Biden. He has no interest in helping the real people of this country. There is nothing in it for him. Thank you to everyone that does actually care about our community and for all the people all over this great country that gave from their hearts, worked to aid in the clean up, and those who are still sending prayers and aid to those in need. God Bless!

    • Now, how do you know that? He was here to see the mess but our Governor didn’t want his help. DeSantis wanted to be the star of the recovery effort and that is why we are in this position to begin with. Please stop bashing our President because of your political beliefs. Who are the real people you are talking about? The 1%? The only way we are going to move forward here is that we move forward together. Not politically driven apart. Don’t you feel God would prefer that too?

    • Oh please! The Biden Family? You mean the Government? Think Positive. There is enough to help many people either oversees and right here. State Government spending is what you should be looking at. Our tax dollars flying immigrants to other states, insurance companies backing DeSantis for elections and now they don’t have our $$ we paid in for the catastrophic event that took place here last September, our tax dollars being spent to stop “Woke”, an actual state of awakening to our true history, our wonderful Country mixture of many different cultures, all of which makes this country what it is. It’s time to put politics aside and hope for the best from our leaders.

      • ‘You mean the Government?’
        Elizabeth, where do you think ‘the Government’ got that money? They took it from the residents of FMB and sent it overseas. You want to help other countries while ignoring your neighbors?Start them a gofundme page.


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