Did You See Our Bay to Beach Video?


Our Saturday morning 8AM walkaround video this past Saturday was at The Bay to Beach Condos at 740 Estero Boulevard. They are rebuilding after being hit hard by Hurricane Ian on September 28th. We got all the details on when they would open. WATCH IT

Our Saturday morning walkaround video was sponsored by The Whale.

Check out our video walkaround at Santini Plaza HERE.
Check out our video walkaround at The Pink Shell HERE
Check out our video walkaround at The Best Western HERE.


  1. Please tell the person filming these videos to hold their smartphone in the HORIZONTAL position, which enables you to capture a greatly enhanced view.

    Only hold your phone in the vertical position when taking a video of something very tall, such as the Empire State Building or a rocket launch.

    Basically, NEVER use the vertical position.

    Thank you!


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