Where Have I Been Since Hurricane Ian?


My name is Colleen LoRae, formerly with Armando’s Day Spa on Fort Myers Beach. After the hurricane destroyed Armando’s, I rented a small space to continue servicing my Armando’s Beach clients. We hoped we could rebuild the spa after Hurricane Ian. But we now know that our former landlord isn’t interested in rebuilding on the Beach so Armando’s, as it has existed for the past 26 years, isn’t coming back at all. I have been a part of Fort Myers Beach for 19 years and Armando’s has been there for 26 years so I’m disappointed, to say the least.

Many of our Armando’s clients have followed me (and continue to search me out) so I have done the next best thing. Last week I opened SpaZeria At The Edison Grand. We are located at 2500 Edison Drive, Suite 110 in The Edison Grand Apartments. The Edison Grand is located in the heart of downtown Fort Myers and is one of Fort Myers’ most premiere locations. It was originally built as The Sheraton Harbor Place Hotel and was built to be a hotel-casino so, as you might expect, it is super luxurious and the perfect location for our new spa!! We offer therapeutic massage, skincare, body waxing, and foot detox treatments. And because we have more than 4,000 square feet at our new location, we’re offering yoga classes 3 times a week as well.
While SpaZeria may not be located on the beach, we are just a short but scenic 20-minute drive straight down McGregor. And after they have enjoyed a full day of sun and fun on the beach, many of our beach visitors like to come downtown to visit the shops and restaurants and enjoy the nightlife. Plus, with so many of our displaced beach residents living downtown in CityWalk, Triton Cay and The Edison Grand Apartments, downtown is starting to feel like an extension of the beach.

One of my beach clients told me that even though he was a client at Armando’s for 25+ years, he never knew my last name and had trouble finding me when he needed a massage. As Armando’s student and protégé, SpaZeria is kind of like Armando’s 2.0 and we’re here to serve our beach clients.

Very truly yours,
Colleen Phillips-LoRae
SpaZeria At The Edison Grand
2500 Edwards Drive
Suite 110
Fort Myers, FL




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