We’re Talking Bike Safety on Saturday      



Bicycle safety has become a huge topic on Fort Myers Beach. So much so that the Town Council is opening up its bicycle ordinance to see if changes need to be made. For years the Council has discussed wanting to be a more bicycle friendly island but they’ve done nothing about it to make that happen.

Mayor Dan Allers wants the Town Council to look into whether the current ordinance, which does not allow e-bikes on the sidewalk or the beach, needs to change. The Public Safety Committee has also been looking at ways to make biking on the island safer. Everyone who rides any type of bike know that the most dangerous part of the island is between the Red Coconut property and Times Square. There is no bike lane, the road is starting to fall apart already, and that’s where most of the pedestrian congestion is.

On the show Saturday we’ll have Sandra Gorsuch, the owner of foxelectricbikes at 11AM. Following Sandra, our guests will be island residents and e-bike owners Kim Spitzer and Robert Gaynett.

We go live from in the shade on the Sunset Terrace at Margaritaville at 11AM.


  1. Yes
    For all the people who are against them try taking a ride on a bike of any kind, in the bicycle lane. It’s dangerous. The driver has his tires weave 6” into the lane u are in danger. I can’t tell u how many times coming from Publix heading north, while riding in the bicycle lane, the people who are sitting and waiting in traffic do not pay attention because of being on phones etc., weave into the bike lanes. They are either stopped and blocking the lane or as they start to move they come into the bike lane and u almost run into them.
    Ride in the bike lane with huge construction vehicles passing u. Ride on the sidewalk and u go off the sidewalk as far right as u can so the people walking toward u looking at phones, do not walk into U. Or the people so engaged in their conversations don’t move to share the sidewalk whether they are coming at u or u are yelling at them on ur left if u are coming from behind them.
    Try riding on the beach an try to dart all the people who walk from their beach towels or chairs to the water and walk right in front of the biker. It’s not always the bikers fault whether e-bikes or non e-bikes. Share the road, sidewalks and beach safely. FMB could be like Mackinac island. No cars. Horses and bikes only. Lol

  2. How about e-bikes allowed on the beach but NOT allowed on the sidewalk? That way the sidewalk is strictly pedestrians and manual bikes. That takes care of the problem on the sidewalk with various motorized apparatuses prohibited (which is also a problem – skateboards, roller blades razor-like scooters, Segway and similar, mopeds). Sorry I understand the bad apples, but the e-bikes on the sidewalk is more than a few bad apples. And 10/12 miles an hour e-bike speed on the sidewalk is too fast to be safe and able to share the sidewalk.

    • I disagree I don’t have a car so I bike everywhere! And it is very few reckless e-bikers. Let’s put a speed limit for e-bikes on the sidewalk. Must be under 10mph.
      Hello all you grandparents out there. You would rather have your visiting grandkids on the sidewalk. The bike lane is too narrow and cars don’t care, especially trucks and vehicles that have trailers. So dangerous !!!!
      You take the chance of getting killed or maimed if you decide to ride on the bike path. We do not want to become an island where we are known for fatalities and injuries.

  3. There is no need to restrict ebikes on the beach if the riders are responsible. This is the issue, and this is what needs to be enforced. This is no different from an irresponsible unassisted bike cyclist racing down the beach. An ebike will allow elderly or weaker residents to explore and to enjoy our beautiful beaches. That’s what brings people back and help our much needed economy.


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