Will There Be Spring Break on Fort Myers Beach?


With COVID-19 still a part of our daily lives, and a mask mandate in place on Fort Myers Beach, what will Spring Break be like in 2021? The Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce surveyed 29 colleges to see what their plans were for Spring Break. Here’s what they discovered…

University of Michigan – CANCELLED
John Carroll University – CANCELLED
University of Kentucky – CANCELLED
Florida Gulf Coast University – CANCELLED
Stetson University – Mar 1st – Mar. 5th
Georgia State University – Mar. 15th – Mar. 21th
Ball State University – CANCELLED
Indiana State – CANCELLED
Indiana University – CANCELLED
Miami University of Ohio – CANCELLED
Michigan State University – CANCELLED
Ohio State – CANCELLED
Penn State University – CANCELLED
Purdue University – CANCELLED
University of Georgia – CANCELLED
University of Minnesota – CANCELLED
University of Notre Dame – CANCELLED
University of North Carolina – CANCELLED
University of South Carolina – CANCELLED
Iowa State – CANCELLED
University of Chicago – CANCELLED
University of Iowa – CANCELLED
University of Wisconsin – CANCELLED
Valdosta – CANCELLED
University of Florida – CANCELLED
University of Dayton – CANCELLED

Here are the spring breaks for Lee, Charlotte and Collier counties.
Charlotte Mar. 18th- Mar. 24th
Collier Mar. 8th- Mar 17th
Lee Mar. 18th – Mar. 24th


  1. Many of the schools started later and will end earlier. It seemed to me that there were more college age people around FMB the past few weeks than normal for this time of year. But nowhere near spring break levels. Canada’s border is also closed, as I understand, so we won’t have that group here either. But, I expect since the crowds will be smaller, we could see more locals venturing out that time if year than normal. Again, not at spring break levels, but I think it could recoup some of the list revenue.

  2. Going to be interesting to follow how it affects businesses. Vacancies will be filled by other vacationers, I assume.

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