Town Moving Forward on Another Lighting Consultant


The lack of lighting on Estero Boulevard could be one of the most studied issues on Fort Myers Beach. Last week the town council decided to hire its 4th consultant on the issue. Estero Boulevard is one of the busiest roads in all of Lee County, especially during season, and one of the darkest once the sun goes down.

The major stumbling block to getting lights on the Boulevard is how to protect both human life and the turtles without spending millions of dollars. FPL has been a major roadblock in getting this accomplished. The state agency has some on the council frustrated with outrageously high cost estimates they’ve provided and their unwillingness to work with the town to make the Boulevard safer. An FPL representative is expected to come before the council on February 16th to answer council members questions.

The Town received three qualified consultant submissions. The three firms that were considered were: TrebiLcock Consulting Solutions, PA, REDD Inc, DBA Town Lighting Engineers and A.D.A. Engineering.

After interviewing the three firms Town Lighting Engineers ranked the highest.

Town Lighting Engineers has experience with turtle-friendly lighting in Stuart, Juno Beach, Pennsacola and Bradenton. The town does not have money budgeted for another lighting consultant and will have to find money in the budget to pay the consultant if they decide to hire one.

There is no money in the budget for the latest lighting consultant so the town manager will have to shift money from elsewhere to cover the expense.




  1. Town Lighting Engineers is newly formed company less than 1 year old in Florida (associated with REDD INC in Scottsdale). The owner has experience in street lighting and engaged in the Illuminating Engineering Society, which is a good thing. However, I doubt Stuart, Juno Beach, Pennsacola and Bradenton.have actually completed a turtle lighting project based on their design (difficult for a company less than a year old) so would strongly suggest the Town Council/Manager speak directly with these municipalities to confirm what has been implemented and then speak with other municipalities who have actually completed projects rather than just completed studies (big difference). FMB has plenty of experience already in studies but needs to talk with Town Managers who have actually implemented turtle friendly projects. There are numerous case studies and best practices for successfully completed projects. Has the Town Manager contacted them to take advantage of their practical experience and shared that best practice with the residents and Council?

  2. How long is it going to take before you people get this project done God forbid it’s not before someone is killed with traffic and the darkness of that road

  3. 4th consultant???? RIDICULOUS! can’t even imagine the total cost for all 4 and how long it is taking (typical island stuff) just get the lights on for gods sake!!!!

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