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Estero Boulevard Lighting

It’s A Busy Week For Estero Blvd. Lighting

Following the 2nd stakeholder's committee meeting last week, Town Lighting, the consultant company the town council is paying to put together a lighting plan for Estero Boulevard, will be making the rounds this week.

No Lighting Decision Made As of Yet

The consulting firm charged with putting together a lighting plan for the 6 miles of roadway that make up Estero Boulevard held its second meeting this week with the stakeholders committee. Representatives from Town Lighting say they've now collected data on the current lighting setup and are formulating their plan.

Estero Lighting Recommendations Coming in May

According to Fort Myers Beach Public Works Director Chelsea O’Riley the next stakeholders meeting to discuss the lights on Estero Boulevard will be the second week in May. And she says recomendations from the consultant will be presented.

Lighting Study To Take Six Months

According to Suzanne Lansford from Town Lighting Engineers, the firm the town is paying to conduct the Estero Boulevard lighting study, their work must be completed by the end of September. And, she said, that's pretty quick for such a big project.

Boulevard Lights Back in The Spotlight

It could be the most studied road in Lee County, perhaps the United States. The Fort Myers Beach Town Council has been trying to figure out how to light up Estero Boulevard since at least 2013. The Boulevard is back in the spotlight and you'll be writing another consultant a big check.